In episode 30 we have quite a few of recent plays to discuss. We review Everdell and go over the BGG rankings numers 50-26. 1:10 Clans of Caledonia 9:...View Details

Strap in because it is the Tim and Ryan show today. After talking about some new to us games we have been playing we review the new Eric Lang and Rob ...View Details

In Episode 28 we talk about some of our recent plays. We review the latest Alexander Pfister game Maracaibo. Then we discuss some of the top games on ...View Details

In episode 27 we talk about what has been on our gaming table lately. We review A Feast for Odin by designer Uwe Rosenburg. To round things out we lis...View Details

We dive right in talking about some recent plays, we review Lockup, and then discuss how do you go about describing the hobby to a non gamer. Listen f...View Details

 In episode 25 we talk about recent plays, we review Paladins of the West Kingdom, and take a look at the games rated number 125-101 on BoardGameGeek ...View Details

In episode 24 we discuss some recent plays and what makes board games fun. We throw down reviews of Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, and Caverna...View Details

In Episode 23 we discuss board game designers. We review War of the Ring and Downforce. We continue our trek of the top 250 games on boardgamegeek, ta...View Details

In Episode 22 we host another short topic table talk in Ryan's Round Table 2.0. We review Lisboa and Summoner Wars. To finish things off we give out o...View Details

Today on table talk we discuss board game art and artists. We review Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce and Forum Trajanum. We continue our path ...View Details

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