In Episode 23 we discuss board game designers. We review War of the Ring and Downforce. We continue our trek of the top 250 games on boardgamegeek, ta...View Details

In Episode 22 we host another short topic table talk in Ryan's Round Table 2.0. We review Lisboa and Summoner Wars. To finish things off we give out o...View Details

Today on table talk we discuss board game art and artists. We review Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce and Forum Trajanum. We continue our path ...View Details

In Episode 20 we talk about how we learn and teach a game. We review City of the Big Shoulders and Twilight Struggle. To finish things off we go over ...View Details

In Episode 19 we discuss what we do and don't like about player interaction in our board games. We review Magnastorm and 1775: Rebellion. To round out...View Details

Today we answer a slew of questions slung at us from Ryan's notebook. We review Mombasa and Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization. We finish t...View Details

In this episode your hosts welcome Michael back to the show. We discuss depth and complexity in our board games. We review Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done...View Details

Today Ryan and Tim talk about what turns them off to a board game. We give you reviews of Pipeline and Five Tribes. To wrap things up we toss out our ...View Details

Today the hosts of Dual Win Games talk about scoring methods in board games. We review Century: A New World and Empires: Age of Discovery. At the end ...View Details

Today the Dual Win Games team talks about all the winning and losing we do in board games and how it affects us. We review Valparaiso and Trickerion: ...View Details

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